Thank you to the many people who have supported me at various stages in my professional life; I am profoundly grateful to them.

My mathematics teacher converted an ordinary ability to a top grade at GCE.

Mr Raymond Richards facilitated an introduction to a last minute interview at Oxford.

Rev Dr JND Kelly Principal of St Edmund Hall, Oxford, had faith that I would prosper.

Mr JRP O'Brien, Pembroke College, my tutor, taught me how to think.

Prof GW Harris awarded me a scholarship and an MRC Studentship with a licence to explore my interests.

Sir Richard Bayliss chaired the admission panel at Westminster Medical School that gave me my place.

Dr FB Gibberd taught me how to be a doctor; he became a friend.

Prof. RW Gilliatt introduced me to the Neurophysiology Department prior to my junior appointment.

Prof TA Sears generously facilitated a Research Fellowship with a DM in view. I am in his debt.

Prof Hugh Bostock hosted me for two very long days per week. We three (TAS) published in Nature and J. Physiol.

Mr HB (Bert) Morton was unfailingly patient and highly informative in many areas. He became a friend.

Dr BB MacGillivray became my model for EEG interpretation. He became a friend..

With apologies to anyone I have inadvertently omitted.


Michael Sherratt 2019